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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Improve bread volume and flour quality

Improve flour quality, dough handling and bread characteristics with our BakeZyme® and Panamore® baking enzymes.
Baguette bread baked with enzymes

Improve flour quality

You can overcome inconsistencies in all types of flour - all year-round - by using our Panamore and BakeZyme enzymes. Their reliable, consistent action allows millers to significantly improve the wheat flour quality. In turn, the derivative flour performs better, with enhanced tolerance and stability, optimized diastatic activity and easier handling.

Easier dough handling

Our dough strengthening solutions improve dough handling, tolerance and stability – as well as providing a natural, relaxing solution that ensures mild and quick dough relaxation by breaking down the gluten network. With the help of our BakeZyme products you can achieve a dry dough surface that improves machinability, shortens drying time before slashing, and lessens blistering.

Improved bread characteristics

Ultimately, our baking enzymes boost loaf volume and overall oven performance to produce bread with a finer crumb structure and crust appearance. They help you achieve a regular and soft crumb structure and ideal shape, color and flavor of bread, making the crust more crispy or resilient depending on the type of bread.


Baking better bread with DSM enzymes


Better looking and tasting bread

Produce flour of higher quality


For consistent high flour quality


Achieve higher and more consistent bread quality with Panamore


Bouncy bread at much lower cost