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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Improve cake volume and crumb structure

By using proven enzymes like CakeZyme® you not only increase cake volume but also boost the softness and crumb structure of your cake.
Soft and indulgent cake with a fine crumb structure

Improve cake crumb structure

With CakeZyme® Smart our scientists found a way to maintain emulsion stability and batter viscosity during baking – with a heat stability that’s 10-20ºC higher than standard cake recipes.

The result: Fine and consistent crumb structure for a softer, more indulgent product - thanks to a better stabilization of bubbles in the cake batter.

Increase cake volume

You can also increase cake volume using our CakeZyme® Smart enzyme. It improves the emulsifying properties of egg lecithin, thus improving aeration and increasing viscosity. Bottom line: More air in the mix means a higher cake volume.

This enzyme is natural and can be easily added to your existing production processes to get more aeration into your batter mix by stopping the starch degrading.


Soft and indulgent cake that stays fresh for longer


Get that 'oven fresh' feel


Scientific approach to baking cakes


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