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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Improve cookies and crackers quality

From boosting dough development and getting more consistent fermentation to improving the color of fermented crackers…our baking enzymes boost the quality of cookies and crackers.
Cookies that look and taste good

Prevent gluten formation in wafers

We improve your dough development for cookies and crackers through our family of bacterial proteases that relax the dough by breaking down the gluten network to combat shrinkage and boost elasticity; as well as combating gluten lumps and producing a smoother batter in wafer production.

Enzymes for mild gluten relaxation

Our BakeZyme® solution is ideal for mild action gluten relaxation in hard dough in biscuits. Specifically it prevents the need for dough water (and thus the risk of trapped water ‘checking’) and enables sodium metabisulphite replacement. The result: A more attractive hard dough biscuit with a better shape.


Cookies with a fine shape, texture and appearance

Crackers, cookies & snacks

Boost look, feel and taste