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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Reduce sugar in dairy

Time to reduce sugar in dairy?

Increasingly we hear that ‘sugar is the new fat’. And it seems that consumers agree. In one recent industry survey* nearly half the respondents preferred limited or no sugar on food labels.
Reduce sugar in Dairy products

Less sugar in your dairy product but the same sweet taste and texture

Now you can reduce sugar in your dairy products by up to 50% while retaining the natural sweet taste and flavor and texture that consumers love.

  • Our Maxilact® lactase can replace (or partially replace) sugar in dairy -and make the product suitable for lactose-intolerant consumers.
  • While reducing sugar by up to 20% it delivers natural sweetness with a clean, fresh taste and no off-flavors
  • In combination with natural sweeteners or stevia it delivers a sugar reduction ranging from 30% using natural sweeteners to 50% using stevia
  • And when paired with  Delvo®Yog FVV-122 culture the dairy product retains the texture and mouthfeel of the yogurt consumers prefer.
  • And because of its low post acidification this culture makes your product stable over shelf-life. So even under challenging conditions – for example a drinking yogurt – the shelf life is guaranteed or even enhanced.





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