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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Natural, authentic dairy for one and all

Today, culturally skewed dairy products that capture the natural flavor and ethnic profile of a particular region are major market drivers.

Our family of Delvo®Fresh Pure cultures allow you to meet new customer demand by producing authentic natural dairy products like Greek yogurt, kefir and dahi on an industrial scale, while using your existing dairy production facilities.

Natural fruit-flavored stirred yogurt

There is an increasing trend towards low fat, lactose free, naturally sweet yogurts.  Our Delvo®Fresh cultures can help you reduce fat content and amplify the level of natural fruit flavor while keeping the texture and mouth feel creamy. Cultures can also be used at different strengths to suit specific markets or countries – e.g. mild strength for Germany, stronger strengths for the Middle East.


“Natural’, ‘authentic’ and ‘ethnic’ are buzz words frequently used in the yogurt and fermented milk world.  And it seems that what were once regional trends are now solidified as profitable market leaders.

Kefir (originally from Eastern Europe) is a great example.

Our cultures enable you to produce the naturally sweet, slightly bubbly, mild and tangy flavor of kefir. – with or without the addition of yeast.

Low fat natural sour cream

Sour cream products are more popular than ever, with the market becoming increasingly international in flavor. Today crème fraiche and dahi related products are stocked as standard in most supermarkets.

Our Delvo®Fresh Pure cultures can help you produce creamy, smooth textured, natural, low fat sour cream solutions. They are also adaptable - giving you the power to create rich flavors with improved textures, while using limited gas in the process.



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