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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Enzymes for better tasting bread for longer

You can maintain and extend bread softness by using our baking enzymes. After all, increased softness reduces stale bread returns and delivers benefits in stock control, distribution logistics and reduced bread waste.
Sandwich bread that stays fresh for longer

Softer bread: Meeting consumer needs

Anti-staling enzymes like our BakeZyme® range will help keep you bread fresh and soft for up to 21 days, appealing to waste-conscious consumers; while they also provide the robustness and resilience needed to cope with storage and transportation through to retail shelves.

Better bread freshness

The bright science behind our anti-staling bread amylases is proven to delay crumb staling and get greater elasticity into the bread. We do it by modifying the starch properties during gelatinization of the bread and stopping it degrading.


Baking better bread with DSM enzymes


Better looking and tasting bread


Achieve higher and more consistent bread quality with Panamore


Bouncy bread at much lower cost