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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Enzymes for longer life cake

With our enzymes you can bake cakes that will retain their softness and moistness for longer.
Cake that stays fresh for longer

By using our baking enzymes you benefit from a softer, more indulgent feel to your cakes as well as helping you keep that freshness and softness for far longer in a wide range of cakes from muffins and pound cakes to high-ratio cakes and sponges.

Softer cake with CakeZyme Sublime

CakeZyme® Sublime enables you to create a quality product with a fine crumb, light taste and soft, bouncy texture – and at a more competitive price. The bright science behind it is based on a specialty lipase that uses advanced technology to release natural emulsifiers from fats and lipids into the cake recipe – which prevents starch from firming up during storage..

Longer lasting cake with CakeZyme Majestic

CakeZyme® Majestic delays the onset of crumb firmness by combining lipase and amylase technology. It’s especially ideal for dense or fat-heavy cakes like pound cakes.


Soft and indulgent cake that stays fresh for longer


Get that 'oven fresh' feel


Scientific approach to baking cakes


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