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DSM en relación a alimentos, bebidas y suplementos dietarios

Omega-3 success for DSM Nutritional Products

Kaiseraugst, CH, 16 nov 2010 12:00 CET

DSM Nutritional Products is showcasing a new omega-3 product featuring its ROPUFA®1 ‘10’ n-3 Food Powder S/SD.  Delante, a Norwegian company specialising in the development of unique nutritional delivery systems, has developed its Lipidfizz™2 technology using DSM’s powder as the active ingredient. Lipidfizz delivers a high dose of two essential fatty acids in the form of effervescent powders and tablets which are dissolved in water and consumed as a beverage. With a light orange flavour, Lipidfizz meets consumer requirements for a tasty and effective omega-3 product.

DSM’s ROPUFA was the first choice for Delante due to its efficacy and excellent performance with regards to smell and taste. With an advanced formulation, ROPUFA has low oxidisation parameters so does not present the unappealing fishy aftertaste often associated with fish oil. The powder disperses easily in water and is highly stable, making it ideal for use in Delante’s Lipidfizz solution.

Sabrina Borghi, Global Development Manager at DSM Nutritional Products, comments: “We are very pleased that Delante has formulated its product using our ROPUFA powder. It is one example of how DSM Nutritional Products’ commitment to investment and R&D results in innovative and commercially viable products.”

ROPUFA is derived from high quality fish oil, is tasteless and odorless and is readily absorbed by the gastrointestinal environment.  It contains DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) omega-3s. These two important essential fatty acids are vital for human health and are associated with a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, as well as brain and eye health.

1 ROPUFA® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.
2  Lipidfizz™ is a trademark of Delante.