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DSM en relación a alimentos, bebidas y suplementos dietarios

HIE award success for Fruitflow® from DSM Nutritional Products

Kaiseraugst, CH, 17 nov 2010 12:00 CET

DSM Nutritional Products’ Fruitflow®, the first natural, scientifically substantiated solution for healthy blood flow, clinched the coveted Health Ingredients Excellence Award at last night’s ceremony. Crowned best Heart Health innovation and most innovative ingredient of the year, Fruitflow is the only ingredient to date with an approved health claim from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) under Article 13.5. Suitable for functional food, beverage and dietary supplement products, the ingredient represents the next generation in heart health.

Fruitflow helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system by keeping platelets smooth and reducing platelet aggregation. A natural and safe ingredient, Fruitflow does not disrupt the blood clotting process required following injury. Published clinical studies have demonstrated that Fruitflow reduces platelet aggregation in 97 per cent of individuals within 1.5 hours of consumption and its beneficial effect lasts up to eighteen hours. No side-effects, allergenic reactions or incompatibility with other medication have been reported following its prolonged use in ten clinical studies.

Jacob Bauly, Market Development Manager, at DSM Nutritional Products commented: “We are delighted that Fruitflow has received these highly respected awards. With heart health remaining among the top ten consumer health concerns, the demand for effective nutritional solutions continues to grow. With our long-standing applications expertise and investment in scientific research, we’re excited about the new opportunities that will benefit our customers.”

DSM’s portfolio of heart health ingredients is aimed at counteracting the three major risk factors of cardiovascular disease: increased cholesterol, high blood pressure and platelet aggregation. DSM’s heart health solutions include: omega-3 long chain PUFAs, vitamin D, the pure resveratrol ingredient resVida®, Coenzyme Q10 and fat-soluble antioxidants for lowering LDL cholesterol levels. All DSM’s ingredients are protected by the Quality for Life™1 seal, the company’s commitment to quality, reliability, traceability and sustainability, giving its customers the confidence to take products to market

1 Quality for Life is a trademark of Royal DSM N. V.