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DSM en relación a alimentos, bebidas y suplementos dietarios

EFSA confirms DSM Article 14 health claim: Vitamin D reduces the risk of falls and fractures for the elderly

Kaiseraugst, CH, 30 sep 2011 12:00 CEST

DSM Nutritional Products is pleased to announce that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued a positive opinion1 on DSM Nutritional Products application pursuant to Article 14 of the Nutrition and Health Claim Regulation on the use of Vitamin D to reduce the risk of falling and fractures.

On the basis of the data presented, the Panel concludes that a cause and effect relationship has been established between the intake of vitamin D and a reduction in the risk of falling.

The Panel considers that the following wording reflects the scientific evidence: 'Vitamin D may reduce the risk of falling. Falling is a risk factor for bone fractures'.

In addition, the Panel considers that, in order to obtain the claimed effect, 800 I.U. (20 μg) of vitamin D from all sources should be consumed daily. The target population is men and women 60 years of age and older.  

Will Black, Global Director of Marketing for DSM Nutritional Products in Switzerland commented that “EFSA’s validation of the vitamin D health claim for falling and fractures is a validation of the hard work of DSM Science and Regulatory teams to provide our customers with the additional substantiated health claims that are relevant and highly valued by consumers. DSM is very proud to have achieved this milestone in health claims for human nutrition and to aid in the reduction of falling and fractures in the elderly population.” 

1 EFSA Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA); Scientific Opinion on the substantiation of a health claim related to vitamin D and risk of falling pursuant to Article 14 of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006. EFSA Journal 2011;9(9):2382. [18 pp.]. doi:10.2903/j.efsa.2011.2382