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DSM en relación a alimentos, bebidas y suplementos dietarios

DSM’S new savory taste ingredients meet the all natural standard

Delft, NL, 30 dic 2011 00:00 CET

DSM has launched Maxavor® YE All Natural – a unique range of 100 per cent natural savory flavor ingredients. Globally certified as natural, the new portfolio of products has a ‘yeast extract’ label declaration, and is the first of its kind to adapt to changing global flavor regulations relating to the term ‘natural’.

Coen van Oorschot, Business Line Manager Process Flavors, DSM comments, “Natural is the big trend in the global food market and is set to stay that way. DSM is dedicated to developing pure, concentrated and worry-free savory building blocks that generate high impact, specific taste to meet any savory application at very competitive prices. The launch of our Maxavor1YE All Natural2 range enables our partners in the food and flavor industry to satisfy increasing demand for natural products, while complying with global legislation and delivering authentic tasting savory foods. These taste ingredients offer the same, if not better, flavor intensity than alternatives without a clean label declaration, and can be used in a wide range of end products.

With 25 per cent of consumers actively avoiding artificial ingredients3, demand for natural and clean label foods continues to soar. As thermal process flavors - a combination of a protein source and a reducing sugar - are no longer considered natural, it is essential to find an alternative. The natural status of L-Cysteine, frequently used to produce the sulphury notes associated with beef and chicken has also been called into question. The newly developed Maxavor YE All Natural range of processed yeast extracts includes the full spectrum of high impact savory flavor ingredients, and delivers the same taste directions as thermal process flavors combined with a natural declaration.

Structured under two tiers, the Maxavor YE range is specifically designed to impart authentic, intense taste profiles in clean label savory foods. Maxavor Key YE is a portfolio of versatile and concentrated flavor keys with low salt content. Available in chicken, beef and roast flavor, they can be blended to create unique, all natural flavor combinations, giving flavor creators the freedom to formulate. The Maxavor YE range of pre-composed, ready-to-use flavor blends enables fast and easy flavor creation. Options include chicken and beef (roasted or boiled varieties), and white meat and dark roast. Maxavor YE is an ideal solution for replacing process flavors in order to develop legally compliant all-natural end products. Both tiers are produced using DSM’s proprietary continuous reaction technology– a unique mild cooking method that ensures consistent qualities and performance.

The Maxavor YE All Natural range is free from allergens, added MSG, gluten and e-numbers. It is also non-GMO, certified Kosher, Halal and vegetarian, opening up opportunities to target diverse markets.

1 Maxavor® All Natural is a registered trademark of DSM
2 January 2011: Change to EC regulation regarding the term natural foods
3 Leatherhead –