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DSM en relación a alimentos, bebidas y suplementos dietarios

DSM’s new vegetarian platform customizes solutions for vegetarians and vegetarian friendly products

Kaiseraugst, CH, 22 may 2012 15:30 CEST

DSM is launching a new nutrient platform to help manufacturers meet the unique nutritional requirements of vegetarians and vegans. Responding to growing consumer demand for targeted products that support health and well-being, ‘Essentials for vegetarians’ highlights a range of vitamins, minerals and functional ingredients geared towards the specific nutritional requirements of vegetarians.

The new Health Benefit Solution features life’sDHA™, a form of DHA derived from algae. Essential for brain, eye and heart health, this omega-3 is often lacking in vegetarian diets as the primary food source is oily fish. Vegetarian consumers may also place added focus on other nutrients abundant in nutrient-dense animal foods. These include calcium and vitamin D for strong bones, protein for healthy tissue and vitamin B12 for normal red blood cell function. The portfolio will also include Tolerase™ P, a food grade phytase, which is a dietary enzyme that enhances essential mineral absorption in vegetable-based diets. Tolerase P is especially effective at enhancing Zinc and Iron availability in plant-based diets.

“A vegetarian diet offers a number of benefits, including a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Additionally, vegetarian consumers have shown a higher degree of interest in value-added nutrition,” comments Doug Brown, marketing manager for Essentials for vegetarians. “With approximately 1.4 billion people following a vegetarian or near vegetarian diet for various reasons, demand for targeted products is increasing among consumers. Complementing our already extensive range of animal-free ingredient solutions, ‘Essentials for vegetarians’ enables food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers to develop successful products for this flourishing market.”

‘Essentials for vegetarians’ is one of three new Health Benefit Solutions launched by DSM in 2012. ‘Energize your mind’ and ‘Relax your mind’ focus on two key areas of mind health: wakefulness and energy and relaxation and sleep. Ingredients are available individually or as part of a customized Quali®-Blends premix, delivering tailor-made nutrient blends that meet manufacturers’ individual needs.