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DSM en relación a alimentos, bebidas y suplementos dietarios

Meet DSM’s brew masters at drinktec 2013

Delft, NL, 16 sep 2013 15:00 CEST

DSM, stand B1.322, drinktec, Munich, Germany, 16 - 20 September 2013

DSM will be showcasing the multiple benefits of its innovative brewing portfolio at drinktec 2013 on stand B1.322. DSM’s team of experienced brew masters will be there to meet brewers looking to save costs, improve their processes or develop exciting new products such as gluten-free beers. Furthermore, the company is presenting its enzyme solutions that can help brewers meet sustainability targets.

Man holding a glass of beer

Visitors to the stand are invited to meet DSM’s brew masters - highly qualified experts who employ their industrial experience and regional understanding to deliver tailored solutions. They recognize that brewers require maximum operational efficiency in the highly competitive beer industry, particularly in emerging markets. In addition, as global supply of cereals remains volatile due to extreme weather conditions affecting harvests around the world, they understand brewers need a solution that can help them optimize their raw materials. Using their expertise, they work closely with brewers to better understand existing processes and conduct trials to discover how they can optimize their beer production whatever the challenge.

Using effective enzyme technology, DSM can offer brewers new ways to maximize production capacity and cost efficiency whilst meeting growing demand for differentiation. Brewers Clarex®, for example, is an efficient, simple and cost-effective enzyme that provides a natural way to shorten processing times by 1-2 days and increase a plant’s fermentation capacity by around 20%. Brewers Clarex allows a higher temperature of stabilization, which reduces the energy expenditure. Energy costs to maintain the cold maturation temperature of -1.5 °C for a number of days are significant, particularly in hot climates. Typical savings for beer producers are around 100,000 euros per million hectoliters of beer produced, combined with an 8% reduction in carbon emissions. 

Brewers Clarex can also help brewers to develop gluten-free beers to meet growing consumer demand and preferences. The stabilizing properties of Brewer’s Clarex protect beer from becoming cloudy by breaking down the gluten protein, which can then be removed. Successful product development in the US has shown it is possible to produce a variety of gluten-free beers made with barley malt with maximum taste.

DSM works with customers all over the world, combining a global support network with local knowledge to deliver customized solutions. All materials are sourced from reliable global partners in order to ensure product quality and consumer confidence. For information and advice on how DSM can optimize brewing processes, visit stand B1.322 at drinktec 2013.