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DSM en relación a alimentos, bebidas y suplementos dietarios

DSM introduces next generation coagulant for long-lasting cheese texture in UK

Delft, NL, 28 jul 2014 09:00 CEST

At this week’s Nantwich International Cheese Show, DSM will launch its coagulant Maxiren® XDS. Following a successful launch in the US earlier this year, this product is now available in the UK in a benzoate-free form. Maxiren XDS is a coagulant that helps cheese producers extend the shelf life of the texture of their cheese. In particular mozzarella, cheddar and string cheese makers depend on good extended texture to increase flexibility in cheese processing and to offer retailers flexible lead times.
Cheddar cheeses

Maxiren XDS is a bovine chymosin that maintains the cheese texture for an extended period of time, because of the reduced proteolytic activity of the enzyme. An improved cheese texture is beneficial for cheesemakers as it allows for increased flexibility in production as well as further processing in earlier or later stages of the shelf life. The cheese is better suited for shredding, slicing and dicing while cheese losses are minimized during these operations.

Maxiren XDS needs a lower dosage compared to other bovine chymosins on the market and has the same thermolability. It will be inactive after pasteurization at temperatures between 66ºC to 73ºC, relieving cheese producers of the concern over residual rennet activity in their whey.

Increasing shelf life helps retailers meet high consumer demands for string cheese quality and taste, without having to face lead time and stock management issues. This is also true for cheddar where an increase in exports demands an extended shelf life.

Bob Savage, DSM Product Application Expert Cheese comments: “The introduction of Maxiren XDS is a very welcome extension to our portfolio of cultures and enzymes. Especially in the production of cheddar, streamlining production and processing will help the cheesemaker stay competitive. Maxiren XDS used in conjunction with our cultures can distinguish the cheese both on flavor and texture.”

As a leading provider of dairy ingredients, DSM offers a total portfolio of cultures, coagulants and other enzymes that deliver performance, reliable results and cost-effectiveness. Combining its strong scientific knowledge with application expertise, DSM works in close partnership with its customers, enabling them to innovate and maintain a high level of consistency across their entire product lines.