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DSM en relación a alimentos, bebidas y suplementos dietarios

DSM’s new total Pasta Filata solution offers more opportunities to extend shelf life

Delft, NL, 09 oct 2014 11:00 CEST

DSM introduces a new range of cultures, Delvo®Cheese CP-200, specifically developed for the production of Pasta Filata. Together with the recently launched coagulant Maxiren® XDS, DelvoCheese CP-200 is the optimum solution for Pasta Filata producers looking to extend the shelf life of their cheese. This offers more sustainable and consistent cheese production and processing flexibility with lesser cheese losses.

Cheese producers of Pasta Filata cheeses-mozzarella, provolone, pizza and string cheese – depend heavily on a robust and consistent cheese production in order to stay cost competitive and remain the first choice for their customers. Attributes such as shelf life stability, texture and taste help producers create higher value products. For this reason, DSM has developed a range of Pasta Filata cultures which meet the demands of the cheesemakers, extend the shelf life and guarantee a clean and fresh taste.

DelvoCheese CP-200 used in combination with the coagulant Maxiren XDS further enhances the flexibility in both production and processing. Both products are low in proteolysis over shelf life, creating flexibility in further cheese processing with less cheese losses and improved functional benefits like optimized stretch and cheese browning when used on pizza.

We have applied our bright science to optimize our existing cultures for Pasta Filata, which are already well known and appreciated, for European production processes. For the cheese manufacturer this means a new solution is now available to take control of their process and provide their customers with the functionalities they need”, says Marjorie Saubusse, Marketing Manager Cheese. “Together with Maxiren XDS, DSM is now able to offer cheese producers a total solution for today’s challenges.”

As a leading provider of dairy ingredients, DSM offers a total portfolio of cultures, coagulants and other enzymes that deliver performance, reliable results and cost-effectiveness. Combining its strong scientific knowledge with application expertise, DSM works in close partnership with its customers, enabling them to innovate and maintain a high level of consistency across their entire product lines.