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DSM en relación a alimentos, bebidas y suplementos dietarios

DSM invites entrepreneurs to participate in December 2014 Innovation Partnering Conference, ‘Connecting Bright Innovations II’

Kaiseraugst, CH, 15 oct 2014 14:30 CEST

DSM Nutritional Products, a global leader in nutritional ingredients, announces the second in a series of Innovation Partnering meetings to connect entrepreneurs, scientists and product developers with key DSM executives, to explore business collaborations and investment opportunities.

DSM Innovation Partnering Conference Europe, or ‘Connecting Bright Innovations II’, will be held 15-17 December 2014 at DSM Nutritional Products Europe’s Regional Head Office in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland. ‘Connecting Bright Innovations I’ was held in June 2014 at DSM’s U.S. headquarters and 10 companies were selected to present their innovations in front of more than 20 DSM executives.

‘Connecting Bright Innovations II’ is sponsored by DSM’s Nutritional Products Human Nutrition & Health unit. Between six and ten presenting companies will be selected from universities, university spin-outs, government research programs, early stage companies or other technology developers who submit applications to DSM’s screening committee. Finalists will be announced by 14 November 2014 and invited to the conference. Participation is free.

DSM is seeking entries for innovative technologies and products in the following areas:

  • Cognition enhancing ingredients for children
  • Ingredients providing sustained energy benefits
  • Blood glucose lowering ingredients
  • New fibers with digestive health benefits
  • Natural colorants and natural antioxidants
  • Dietary solutions for food intolerances (e.g., for fructose, salicylates, etc.) and allergies
  • Disruptive formulation technologies for micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, PUFAs, phytonutrients, dietary enzymes)
  • Non-invasive diagnostics to assess levels of micronutrients in the human body

Learning Academy & Presentations

DSM Innovation Partnering Conference II includes a half-day Learning Academy designed to inform and educate attendees on how DSM collaborates with small businesses at all stages of the supply chain, works to co-develop products, and invests in startups with innovative human health and nutrition solutions. The half-day Learning Academy will be taught by senior DSM executives from R&D, Innovation, Sales & Marketing, Regulatory and DSM Venturing. The Learning Academy will be followed by business plan presentations by each invited company — 20 minute presentations followed by 20 minutes of discussion with senior DSM executives, scientists and the Venturing team.

Each company will be assigned mentors from Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) and DSM to help develop their presentation prior to the conference. Post-event mentoring from a DSM executive will be available on a case-by-case basis, and all selected candidates will be considered for an investment by DSM Venturing or for another type of collaboration with DSM Nutritional Products Human Nutrition & Health. A selection committee of DSM and NCN executives will determine which companies are invited.

DSM Executives who will present at the Learning Academy at DSM Innovation Partnering Conference II in December 2014 at DSM's Europe’s Regional Head Office in Switzerland include:

  • Rob Beudeker, Vice President Innovation Human Nutrition & Health 'The DSM Innovation Process and Strategy for Portfolio Optimization'
  • Krijn Rietveld, Senior Vice President of Innovation and R&D 'How R&D and Innovation Work Together at DSM'
  • Gerhard Gans, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs 'How to Develop a Global Regulatory Strategy for New Ingredients'
  • Wouter Claerhout, Vice President of Global Marketing, DSM Nutritional Products 'Taking a New Product To Launch'
  • Ian Freelance, Senior Investment Manager of DSM Venturing 'The DSM Investment Process, Criteria and Post-Investment Collaboration'

The application process is free and applications are due by 30 October 2014. DSM will provide hotel accommodations for the selected companies. Other travel arrangements will be the responsibility of the conference attendees.