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DSM em alimentos, bebidas e suplementos dietéticos

A broad dairy ingredient portfolio

You can benefit from our dairy capabilities in multiple ways: From creating fermented milk products with indulgent yet healthy profiles; to cheese with specific characteristics (like shorter ripening times); to cottage cheese with higher yield and better curd; to introducing innovative ingredients into your dairy products with our industry leading technical and application expertise.
Various dairy products

Nothing but the best dairy ingredients

Choose DSM and you’re selecting one of the broadest dairy ingredients portfolios in the industry – including coagulants, enzymes, cultures, probiotics, preservation systems, nutritional ingredients such as vitamins, carotenoids, nutraceuticals; and antibiotic residue testing.

Our cheese cultures, for example, are behind the leading cheddar brand in Europe. We can even increase the quality and protein level in milk by optimizing cow feed.

Bright science

Our strong biotechnology base is the engine behind our innovations. With a long history in enzymes and cultures, our global team of bright scientists put expertise in strain, process and application development to work every day for our customers.

For example we’ve been working closely with major dairies on customized strain development in joint R&D projects; while our nature flavor-boosting and fat mimicking cultures are helping customers meet consumer demand for healthy yoghurt with a creamy and smooth feel. 

Milk – the first step in the supply chain

As the foundation of all dairy products, milk must be entirely safe and of the highest quality. Our Delvotest® range of antibiotic residue testing solutions is the proven and trusted benchmark for the industry and provides assurance at every step of the supply chain. It is simple, accurate, and provides the traceability necessary to protect product and reputation.

For the millions of consumers around the world who are lactose intolerant, we have a solution to avoid the unpleasant side effects they experience when consuming milk. With Maxilact®, the purest lactase enzyme in the market, you can produce clean tasting lactose-free or low-lactose dairy products.

Fermented Milk Products

In the fermented milk product market, consumers are seeking health and wellness benefits, indulgence, and value for money. We bring an in-depth understanding of tastes and texture to our cultures, enabling the production of all types of yogurts and local specialties.

Our DELVO®YOG range of cultures allows global dairies to maintain and develop their portfolios in set, stirred and drinking yogurt, while our DELVO®FRESH range serves the needs of local varieties. You can now replicate the taste, texture and quality of home-style products, such as dahi, sour cream and ayran. Both ranges let you adapt your product to local and global palate preferences.

If you are looking to produce lactose free or low lactose products, entrust our Maxilact® which allows you to produce tasty dairy products that are also naturally sweet.


Cheese is a favorite source of protein and a staple in many countries. Increasingly, consumers are looking for reduced fat versions, with full flavor. We offer solutions for your global favorite and regional specialties, and can help you speed up ripening and in turn increase output.

Starter cultures from our DELVO® system and our coagulants (Maxiren®, Fromase® and Suparen®) provide benefits for all types of cheese, including boosting flavor development and texture, maximizing consistency, and improving functionality during cheese making.

And our ripening enzymes help increase ripening speed, enhance flavour, while retaining texture. Our food preservation solutions help to address bacteria, molds and yeasts and help retain color, taste and flavor


Rich in protein, whey is a healthy, natural ingredient in many food and beverage applications. Our MaxiBright® range whitens whey and produces a clean, neutral flavor profile and the light whey most valuable to producers. Our Maxilact® is perfect for whey applications and beverages for those intolerant to lactose.

Fortification and supplementation

We offer a ready-made family of nutritional solutions for enhancing and supplementing dairy.

In fact, we offer the world’s most complete portfolio of premium ingredients for dairy enrichment.

Our Quali®-blends provide tailored, pre-mixed nutritional solutions in a variety of forms that can be optimized for any dairy application. We also have a complete portfolio of omega-3 for dairy products, to provide important brain, eye and heart health benefits.

Get in touch with our global Application Lab network spread across our centers in USA, Netherlands and China. Our specialists can provide you our full range of benefits including the optimum use of all our unique ingredients in your processes. This will allow you to create specialized products that meet the needs of the increasingly demanding consumers around the world.

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