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DSM’s resVida® resveratrol improves memory of animals in new study

Kaiseraugst, CH, 07 jun 2010 12:00 CEST

DSM Nutritional Products has unveiled yet another study on its proprietary high purity resveratrol ingredient this week at the American Aging Association (AGE) annual conference. The new study focuses on the cognitive benefit of resVida® resveratrol and its ability to improve associative and spatial learning and memory performance in aged mice.

The study, headed and presented by DSM’s Dr. Hasan Mohajeri, tested aged mice after multiple doses of dietary supplementation with resVida® for at least 4 weeks. After this period, researchers were able to show that supplementation with resVida® significantly improved associative- and spatial- learning and memory in daily situations of the elderly mice. In another in-vitro component of the study, researchers found that exposure to resVida® significantly protected brain cell function when exposed to oxidative stress. Dr. Mohajeri concluded, “These findings suggest resVida® supplementation to be a viable approach for delaying age-associated reductions in learning and memory, and therefore may further help to prevent the normally occurring age-associated deterioration of cognitive performance.”

This past November, Dr. Peter Howe of the University of Southern Australia, presented the first ever human data on resVida’s significant and positive effect on flow mediated dilation in the brachial artery, which is a biomarker of cardiovascular health and circulatory function.

DSM Global Business Manager for resVida®, Frank DeJianne, stated, “The new data on cognitive function contributes to our growing body of scientific evidence, most of which is now being done with humans. Most importantly, it reinforces DSM’s industry-recognized position as the leaders of resveratrol research. With so many random resveratrol sources in the market, it’s important for us to differentiate resVida® with gold standard clinical, safety and regulatory programs. Our customers deserve peace of mind when choosing a resveratrol source for their products.”