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DSM in Furniture

Cabinets for the kitchen and bath

Kitchen and bath cabinets come in many colors, textures and shapes. Whether it's for a classic design or the latest trend, DSM can help create a durable finish while also making a positive impact on the environment.
Woman sitting in a bright, white modern kitchen

Choosing the right kitchen and bathroom cabinet is a big decision for homeowners. And the surface finish plays an important role in a cabinet’s functionality and overall appeal.

A kitchen cabinet's finish should withstand cleaning solutions, food and drink stains, and a great deal of moisture - all without losing its luster over time. In the bathroom, humidity is the prime culprit. Over time, the finish must protect the cabinet, especially if made from a wood composite that swells from contact with moisture.

DSM’s surfacing solutions for kitchens and baths deliver the highest levels of aesthetic appeal without compromising on protection.

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