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DSM in Furniture

Office work surfaces and seating

Office furniture manufacturers must keep pace with innovative and sustainable solutions for the continually changing workplace. Our materials help create stylish, functional furniture that’s kind to the environment, too.
 Two business colleagues working face to face at their desks with another businessman walking past in the office

From meeting rooms and work areas to reception areas, office environments must be increasingly flexible. Often workplaces serve generations who expect privacy, while favoring open work spaces to facilitate collaboration and technology. Whether work is done independently or in groups, furniture can promote company culture, efficiency and effectiveness.

Today's office furniture design is also concerned with having a positive impact on the environment. State-of-art features promote ergonomics, and materials should be easy to reuse or recycle and leave a softer footprint.

DSM’s material science expertise has produced many solutions for the office furniture industry, such as coatings with low carbon emissions and Cradle to Cradle® certified plastics.

Cradle to Cradle certified plastics for office seating