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DSM in Furniture

Our products

We offer a range of materials and solutions to the furniture market.
Man shown from chest down, sitting in an office chair and reading a magazine

Plastics for office seating structural components

The high-end office seating market demands quality surface finishes as well as durability for seat structure components. DSM’s Akulon® and Arnitel® plastics are proven, sustainable solutions that make any innovative concept possible. More>

Stylish, modern artichoke-shaped lamp

Materials for rapid prototyping and manufacturing

Somos® stereolithography resins bring furniture prototypes (and even custom pieces) to life in just days instead of weeks or months. More>

Man holding up paint swatches

Paints and coatings

DSM works closely with the furniture coating industry to find new ways to beautify and protect furniture. Many industry leaders turn to DSM’s specialty resins to advance the performance and reduce the environmental impact of their paint systems. More>

A couple drinks wine in a kitchen

Laminating adhesives

Our specialty resins for industrial lamination help create kitchen cabinets that last longer, day in and day out, in every temperature. And we have formaldehyde-free solutions. More>