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DSM in Furniture

Plastics for office seating structural components

Office chair design is no longer just about durability, ergonomics and attractiveness. Sustainability has now become a growing consideration. We work with our customers to develop Cradle to Cradle® designs that are friendlier to the environment, with a lower carbon footprint.
Man shown from chest down, sitting in an office chair and reading a magazine

Our plastic materials do more than add strength and beauty to office seating. We focus on delivering materials with a low or neutral carbon footprint, eliminating hazardous substances and supporting recycling. Our ultimate goal is to achieve closed-loop, Cradle to Cradle solutions.

DSM works with numerous leading office seating companies, like Herman Miller and Giroflex, to promote Cradle to Cradle designs that meet consumers’ growing demand for products that are better for the environment: For example, those that divert materials from the waste stream.