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DSM in Furniture


Akulon K224-G6 is the first and only polyamide with a Cradle to Cradle® certification by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC). Designed for office chair arms, seats, backs and bases, Akulon K224-G6 provides strength, high-impact resistance and excellent processing for injection molding.
Close-up of the arm and base of an office chair, with man sitting in it

In-mold color delivers attractive aesthetics without the need for secondary painting that can pose an environmental risk.

Giroflex uses Akulon K224-G6 in their 656 generation chairs. The 656 product line is their first to meet Cradle to Cradle certification’s stringent conditions for material purchasing, development, production and recycling.

Akulon® Ultraflow™ is an advanced thermoplastic that significantly improves the cosmetics of a chair, while also reducing production times by 30%. Akulon Ultraflow’s extremely high flow reduces injection pressures and increases injection speeds, resulting in greater resin richness on the surface. Plus, Akulon Ultraflow meets performance standards drawing on the typical properties of polyamides.

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