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DSM in Furniture

Performance resins for furniture paints and coatings

An attractive surface that lasts is key to designing any piece of furniture. DSM delivers on even the most challenging needs with resin solutions that advance paint performance while being highly efficient and environmentally friendly.
Modern kitchen and dining room

Looking for a bathroom cabinet that lasts longer and is protected from bacteria and moisture? How about a high-gloss finish for dark wood furniture or a matte finish for light wood furniture that both perform equally well anywhere in the world? Did you know that the immaculate finish of a grand piano can stay beautiful year after year, regardless of how much it's used?

DSM's comprehensive portfolio of specialty resins is generating creative solutions for home, office, institutions and retail. With paint producers and applicators, we’ve switched to cleaner, solvent-free production processes to reduce our carbon footprint and make the future brighter for everyone.

DSM brands are known and trusted by the industrial coating industry and include NeoCryl®, NeoRad™ and Uralac®.

Industrial wood coatings

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