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DSM in Furniture

Cradle to Cradle® inspires innovation

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) designs are born from open and collaborative innovation, teamwork and long-term partnerships. How can it increase innovation in your business?
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The desire to preserve and renew our shared planet is a catalyst for innovation at DSM as well as for our customers’ businesses. Individually, we can’t make C2C design happen. That’s why DSM plays an active role in the value chain, working collaboratively with others to create a sustainability shift.

It's also why we work closely with the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA), founded by Michael Braungart, PhD. With William McDonough, Dr. Braungart developed the C2C concept to eliminate waste entirely by circulating safe materials within closed loop systems.

DSM's portfolio of C2C certified plastics are free of hazardous substances and a perfect fit for modern designs. In fact, leading furniture manufacturers work with DSM to implement C2C designs that are not only commercially successful, but truly inspiring. Giroflex uses DSM’s Akulon® nylon for its chair arms, seats, backs and bases. And Herman Miller uses Arnitel® - a DSM thermoplastic completely free of toxic compounds as well as thermally recyclable - in its Mirra office chair.