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DSM in Furniture

Reducing our footprint

Through Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), we can provide you the carbon and eco footprint data of each of our materials. This way we can help you and the value chain make the best choices for people and the planet.
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LCAs reveal the environmental performance of products during and beyond their life cycle. They can also be used to compare the eco-performances of different products in the same application.

LCAs helps us identify ways to minimize our products’ eco-impact, from using less fossil fuel during production, to reducing losses in the production process and recycling products when they reach the waste stage. At the same time, we can increase a product’s usability lifetime and reduce its energy consumption. Focused on biodiversity, we look carefully at the use of water, energy, land and raw materials and drive is to make them more efficient.

We carry out LCAs according to standards that are accepted industry-wide, including the ISO 14040/14044 methodology. We also use our highly developed external network to enhance industry consensus on LCA practices.

Our goal is to determine the ‘cradle to gate’ footprint (that is, from the extraction of raw materials until the moment the product leaves the DSM factory gate) for all of our products. For all new products we carry out full LCAs, including the use and waste stages, in other words ‘from cradle to grave’. We then provide our customers with access to the outcomes of these assessments so that they can carry out LCAs for their own products. In this way, we contribute to the eco-transparency of the overall value chain.

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