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DSM in Furniture

Breathe easier

DSM is leading a move away from solvent-based paints to ones that are friendlier to the environment, healthier and more cost-effective.
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Wood paint manufacturers looking to cut their overall volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions can now do so by up to 50%, thanks to Neocryl™, a family of waterborne acrylic resins from DSM. This technology delivers the same quality, performance and appearance as traditional solvent-based paint.

Meanwhile, our NeoRad™ resins for UV-curable wood coatings and our Uralac® powder coating resins for metal furniture allow virtually no VOC emissions.

Creating a movement in China

Chinese consumers have a taste for high-quality, high-gloss antique furniture. But until now much of the lacquer and decorative paint used on that furniture contained materials that are bad for the environment – and extremely unhealthy for furniture factory workers.

DSM is working together with other resin suppliers and paint manufacturers in the Waterborne China Platform (WBCP), a non-profit organization that encourages Chinese furniture manufacturers to move away from solvent-based paints to waterborne ones.

So successful is the platform that DSM has invested €20 million since 2008 in a series of waterborne resin production lines in China.

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