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DSM in Furniture

DSM in Furniture: Designed for better living

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When it comes to furniture materials, we’re an established, global player with an outstanding track record in delivering sustainable solutions - from Akulon® and Arnitel® thermoplastics to specialty resins for coatings and adhesives, to Somos® stereolithography resins for rapid prototyping. The challenge now is to take the furniture market into a new, greener, better era.

Why DSM?

Why DSM?

What does the DSM organization look like?

Bright science, brighter living

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At DSM our purpose is to create brighter lives for people today and generations to come. We connect our unique competences in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences to create solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance.

For the furniture industry we offer the comprehensive resources needed to provide customized solutions. Scientific excellence aside, this means a deep knowledge and understanding of markets, consumers and the defining trends in our industry.

The power of innovation

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It’s the power of our innovation that gives customers an all-important competitive advantage – based on market insight, application expertise and knowledge sharing.

This manifests itself in many ways: From helping leading office seating manufacturers like Herman Miller and Giroflex create Cradle to Cradle designs; to developing together with our customers paints that perform better while having lower carbon footprints.


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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at DSM – benefiting people, planet and profit. It spans everything from products to production to philanthropy and is based on a simple premise: There is no point succeeding commercially in a world that fails.

But don’t just take our word for it. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index currently rates DSM number one in the Chemical sector – a position we have proudly held multiple times, and intend to hold onto in future.

In the furniture market – where indoor air quality, reducing emissions, recycling and lowering overall impact on the world increasingly dominate the landscape – our offering is comprehensive. We now offer a whole family of Cradle to Cradle certified plastics, formaldehyde-free laminating adhesive resins and solvent-free coating resins based on waterborne, UV-curable and powder technologies.