<p>Immunity and Infections</p>

Immunity and Infections

Clinical studies suggest a relationship between HMOs and some immune outcomes in infants.  Emerging science suggest that specific HMOs at the correct level of supplementation may help to reduce the risk of certain infections in infants consuming infant formula and in infants who are breastfed.

Emerging evidence from preclinical studies suggest that 3’FL may support immune health via inhibiting the adhesion of pathogens to the intestinal wall (1,2).

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<p>Gut Health and Microbiota</p>

Gut Health and Microbiota

Clinical and preclinical studies report that HMOs may help to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria, which are believed to be important for development of the microbiota and gut health. Evidence from preclinical studies suggests 3’FL may have a role in gut health via its positive impact on the growth of bifidobacteria which are considered to be beneficial for gut health (3,4,5).


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