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The DSM Nutrition Academy is a trusted leader in connecting people to science-led knowledge on human nutrition. We source from the latest scientific research and break down an expansive body of knowledge into relevant, targeted modules, that are both interesting and easy to absorb. Discover our whitepapers, monographs and other educational resources.


Essential Lipids Education Program

Food, energy and life:  connecting across boundaries

Essential Lipids Education Program

Energy intake, storage & transport

Essential Lipids Education Program

Bioactive forms of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids




As uniquie as your customers

Brain Health

Scientific evidence and nutritional solutions to support brain health throughout life

Eye Health

Upgrade your vision:  nutritional solutions to improve eye health across the lifespan

Healthy Aging

The future of senior healthcare:  nutrional issues and solutions for healthy aging

Heart Health

The role of nutrients in supporting cardiovascular health

Omega-3 Benefits

Benefits of optimal omega-3 intake and status

Nutrient Energy Density

Concepts to redress the nutritional balance:  nutrient-dense foods for optimal nutrition

Air Pollution

Air pollution and cardiovascular health:  new evidence on nutritional solutions

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