"All disease begins in the gut."  ~Hippocrates

Research suggests that the health of the microbes residing in our gut could have a powerful effect on a range of conditions, such as depression and obesity. Our solutions address maintaining a healthy gut and microbiome, key enablers of digestion, immunity, metabolic health and other vital functions. We also offer solutions for food intolerances, such as gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance. 

Gut Health: The Gateway to Overall Health

The gut is now thought of as our "second brain". Consumers are beginning to understand that gut health goes beyond digestion issues and relates to our overall health and well being. According to a recent global survey, 56% of consumers worry about digestive health. DSM's Targeted Health Solutions include Improve your gut health, with nutritional products to support basic gut health, as well as food intolerances and gut irregularity. We can help you get to market faster with targeted health solutions that take you further. Discover solutions for gut health!

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