Immunity has risen to the top of consumers’ list of health and wellness priorities. But what’s driving innovation to support consumers in the pursuit of a more holistic approach to immunity?

Welcome to our Holistic Immunity Insights Series, a series of online events where we bring self-care to the forefront, exploring the contributing factors to healthy immune function in order to inspire innovation for a stronger, more resilient world. 

By focusing on the essential building blocks for optimal immune function –– together we can unlock new opportunities for innovation in immunity. 

Catch all four events in the series

We all do it, we all need it – but what part does a good night’s sleep play in our overall immunity?  Can better sleep really make us healthier? Join us as we explore how nutrition and sleep contribute to overall health and wellness. 

It’s been said that the experiences we have as a child shape our future self – but what about immunity? Together, we’ll explore how self-care and nourishment during pregnancy can support a healthy start, and resilient future, for mother and baby.  

Stress, for most, is unavoidable in our fast-paced world, but what impact does it have on our immune health and overall resilience? Is it all really that bad, and what are some of the ways we can help to manage it? Find out as we delve into this fascinating topic.

Did you know that 70% of the immune system is in our gut, making it pretty important for our overall health and wellness. But how much support does it need - are there vitamins and nutrients that can help? Let’s find out together.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2pm-3pm ET

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How can nutrition help improve the body’s defense system?

How can nutrition help improve the body’s defense system?

Immune health has never been more topical, due to seasonal influenza virus or outbreaks such as novel Coronavirus. In this Ask-the-Expert interview, Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer addresses how the nutrition industry can support immune health and the role of marketing teams in highlighting the importance of nutrition to consumers.

How to build immunity with the right nutrients at the right amounts?

How to build immunity with the right nutrients at the right amounts?

Our immunity expert looks at the role of a daily intake of nutrients, at the right amount, to build a strong and effective immune system and how supplementation can support public health through measures to reduce the risk, severity and duration of viral infections. 

Are you dreaming of your next big innovation in immune health?

Sleep is an essential part of everyday life, but do we truly understand its benefits? And, what happens when we don’t get enough, can it make us more suspectable to illness? Here, we explore the role of sleep in immunity and how it can inspire innovation in the dietary supplements space for a stronger, more resilient world.

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