Medical nutrition for patients with nutritional insufficiencies

Our innovative solutions embrace specialized products for oral nutritional supplements, enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition, meeting the raised quality and palatability requirements for the needs of patients across all ages, and the elderly. We specialize in the development, production and marketing of dietetic foods for special medical purposes in healthcare settings or home treatment, under medical supervision.

Medical Nutrition Solutions

Health problems arising from a disease, disorder or condition may lead to nutritional insufficiencies at any age, disabling individuals to meet their dietary requirements via normal food. Getting the right nutritional care in a timely manner can help reduce medical complications, support recovery and independence, and lower healthcare costs.

Medical nutrition for senior adults

With age, the need for an adequate intake of essential nutrients becomes even more important. Typical changes are a slowing metabolism and lower bioavailability, leading to dietary frailty. Nutritional shortfalls or even deficiencies may be overlooked when aging. Through our advanced medical nutrition solutions, senior adults meet nutritional compliance, avoid ailment and improve their quality of life.

Making a difference

As partner for medical nutrition solutions, DSM offers high-quality ingredients and expert services to help innovate for better compliance, elevated care and improved quality of life for patients and the elderly.

Solutions for nutritional therapies

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