Visiting Uganda with Vitamin Angels

Industry News 10/16/2018

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By: Anthony Hehir, Director, Nutrition Improvement


Working to combat malnutrition: 

  • Since 2007, DSM has been partnering with Vitamin Angels to help combat malnutrition around the world.
  • The non-profit organization specializes in working to reduce preventative illnesses in mothers and children under five at risk of malnutrition.
  • DSM recently visited Uganda with Vitamin Angels, to experience how nutritional interventions are improving the lives of vulnerable populations globally.

The positive impact of good nutrition  

A recent trip to Uganda saw a team from DSM accompany Vitamin Angels to the rural north of the country where we met, and were able to see first-hand, the positive impact that pre-natal supplements are having for mothers and their children.

Ensuring expectant mothers receive adequate nutrition throughout pregnancy is crucial to supporting a child in realizing their full physical and cognitive potential. A healthy, well-nourished baby has a better chance of optimal growth and development, as well as going to school and having more freedom of choice than their parents, in turn allowing them to give back to their communities. Furthermore, access to good nutrition during pregnancy can increase a woman’s chance of a healthy birth. 

The communities supported by Vitamin Angels are very aware of these benefits and are motivated to give their children the best possible start in life, by taking the supplements that DSM is helping to make available.

Partnering for success

By working with organizations like Vitamin Angels and the UN World Food Programme, DSM aims to offer individuals and communities the solutions they need to improve their own quality of life, in a way that is sustainable for all.

To achieve real change and create a lasting impact, partnerships between governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the private sector are crucial. Collaboration brings together the best minds, ideas and resources, to ensure the long-term success of health programs.

"Collaboration ensures the best minds, ideas and resources are made available, to ensure the long-term success of health programs."

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Play Video DSM in Uganda - 2018

DSM has partnered with Vitamin Angels since 2007.

DSM in Uganda - 2018

Check out the video of DSM's latest trip with Vitamin Angels to Uganda, where we were able to see, firsthand, the positive impact that pre-natal supplements are having for mothers and their children.

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