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DSM in Medical

Ophthalmic biomaterials: A new vision for biomaterials

DSM has pioneered many innovative materials-based solutions to meet the needs of the ophthalmic industry. Our specialized biomaterials have helped improve comfort for contact lens wearers for over a decade, and we continue to innovate with both our drug delivery systems and implantable materials showing great promise.
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Contact lenses

We’ve spent more than a decade partnering with contact lens manufacturers to bring better vision to countless people. The first generation of silicone hydrogel (SiHy) lenses were introduced with support from DSM. As a result, millions of contact lens wearers today benefit from DSM technology. 

Drug delivery systems

Ophthalmic biopharmaceutical partners trust DSM to develop customized dosage forms based on a family of proprietary polyesteramide (“PEA”) materials that deliver both small and large molecules at specified rates and durations. This breakthrough bioresorbable portfolio and materials science expertise allows us to design customized polymeric delivery systems offering release times from weeks to months.

Intraocular lens and corneal procedures

Our portfolio of biomaterials for use in implantable ophthalmic devices utilizes our expertise in strong, lightweight, flexible polymers and our knowledge of human cells and chemistry.

  • Contact lenses
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Biostable implants
  • Corneal inlays

Drug delivery systems

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