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DSM in Medical

AxioMed Spine Corporation uses DSM polymer in artificial disc

AxioMed wanted to improve on currently approved artificial discs and spinal fusion procedures used to treat patients with degenerative disc disease (DDD) by developing an artificial disc that would replicate the natural function of a human disc, providing greater flexibility and shock absorbing characteristics.
AxioMed Freedom Lumbar Disc


AxioMed looked to DSM because of our exceptional ability to adapt biomaterials to the specific requirements of their landmark product. Using a patented polymer from DSM, AxioMed Spine Corporation is now developing and conducting clinical trials for an artificial disc designed to be a significant improvement over current devices.

AxioMed’s Freedom® Lumbar Disc is a one piece total disc replacement device that contains our polymer bonded between two metal plates. It’s intended to provide support to the core under high loads, with the goal of helping reduce stress and pain while preserving mobility in patients.