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DSM in Medical

Urinary: Better catheter performance

Millions of patients whose bladders have been catheterized can testify to the discomfort. Our lubricious coatings mean that catheters are easier to wet, can hold more water longer and are smoother for easier insertion into the urethra, with less tissue damage and irritation. DSM coatings are designed in such a way that the coated catheter remains wet and slippery over a prolonged period of time.
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Simplifying insertion and removal of urinary catheters

DSM coating technology helps make catheters slick and easier to insert. Plus our materials knowledge and processes make catheter coating more uniform – which means reduced bare spots or clumps of coating to impede progress.

Streamlining production

Finally, DSM works with device manufacturers to simplify production. Our materials are easy to process into devices, with little need for multiple coating processes or treatments. They are UV cured to reduce manufacturing time and increase throughput. And they replace the need for gels and lubricants often needed to facilitate insertion. This saves hospitals the burden of added time and cost.


  • Catheters: intermittent and Foley
  • Guidewires
  • Hemodialysis tubing and filters
  • Tracheostomy devices
  • Urology stents

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