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DSM in Medical

A Regenerative Medicine Toolkit for Surgeons

Plastic and general surgeons deal with a variety of clinical situations that span from simple cosmetic to extremely complex reconstructive procedures. DSM products are developed with the specialized, precise needs of plastic and reconstructive surgeons in mind. Whether restoring bone or reconstructing soft tissue, DSM provides a full spectrum of resorbable products that fulfill a diverse range of plastic and reconstructive surgical needs. We provide a robust regenerative materials toolkit that affords the cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon new options to enhance their surgical outcomes and improve patient satisfaction.
Male doctor touching female patient’s jaw

Resorbable biomaterials for precise results

DSM biomaterials are resorbed by the body, minimizing complications, supporting the body’s own healing process and in some cases, eliminating the need for a second surgery to remove metallic implants. Our collagen-based bone void fillers provide an osteoconductive scaffold available in powder, moldable putty or preformed shapes. Long term resorbable polymer fixation plates and screws offer the required strength to facilitate repair and minimize the complications associated with permanent implants. DSM’s proprietary OPTRIX™ processing technology yields decellularized tissues such as porcine dermis and porcine mesothelium extracellular matrices for soft tissue repair, providing handling characteristics that range from strong to soft, thin and conformable.

  • Bone void fillers
  • Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) devices
  • High-strength resorbable polymer fixation plates and screws
  • Plastic & reconstructive soft tissue reinforcement and repair
  • Soft tissue, suture line or muscle flap reinforcement

Collagen materials and technology - More>

  • Purified collagen
  • Solution and slurry processing
  • Collagen blending and compounding
  • Multiple configurations (sheets, putties, injectables, gels, three dimensional shapes, coatings, fibers, and powders)

Extracellular Matrix (ECM) processing and technology - More>


Polymers and metals processing technology - More>

  • Resorbable materials [Polylactide (PLA), Polylactide-co-glycolide (PLGA), Polycaprolactone (PCL), Polycarbonate (e.g. TMC)]
  • Non resorbable materials (PEEK, TPU)
  • Implant-grade metals ( titanium, stainless steel)