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DSM in Medical

Active lifestyle

With the increasing awareness around health and fitness, people are living more active lifestyles. But more activity means a greater risk of injuries. This is where DSM is helping medical device manufacturers and clinicians meet the challenges in sports medicine - with biomaterials that are the industry standard in strength and biostability. We want athletes to get back in the game and active people to resume their mobility as quickly as possible.
Man and woman hiking up hill

Physical activity is an excellent way to stay healthy and lower risk factors for chronic disease. And this growing trend has reached more and more people — young and old, men and women, from weekend warriors to triathletes. But activity can lead to overuse — and a different type of risk, with injuries to joints, ligaments, cartilage, even the spine.

Thanks to DSM, medical device manufacturers have the biomaterials to create devices for clinicians that respond to this need, whether it’s repairing orthopedic joints or creating less invasive procedures. Nowhere is this more evident than in sports medicine, where material integrity is essential, especially for procedures involving the spine, lumbar discs and vertebrae, where flexibility can help restore motion.

Replacing and restoring joints

Sports medicine specialists count on medical device companies, who in turn rely on DSM biomaterials for a wide range of orthopedic applications, including joint replacement, ACL reconstruction, and repairs of rotator cuff, cartilage and meniscus. The integrity of these materials is critical to successful outcomes that can stand the test of time – helping people resume their active lifestyles and avoid postoperative complications.

Providing uncompromising strength

DSM is the recognized industry leader in biomaterials for surgical sutures because our unique ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene formulations provide uncompromising strength for helping tissue repair. Our Dyneema Purity® fiber is stronger than any other biomaterial and is one of a family of DSM polymers that are ideal for durable, intricate and minimally invasive procedures.

Improving outcomes while containing costs

DSM has a strong presence in sports medicine. Our biomaterials can not only withstand the pressures placed on repaired joints and soft tissue, but also help restore and preserve the body’s natural biomechanics, accelerating recovery and shortening hospital stays. This is a benefit not only to patients hoping to regain mobility and normal functioning, but also to hospitals trying to control costs.