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DSM in Medical

Global sustainability

DSM is committed to finding effective, sustainable solutions to medical issues facing the world today and tomorrow. Our biomedical materials are contributing to treatments that help people lead longer, healthier and more active lives.
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At DSM, global responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of our efforts – no matter which market or end user we serve. This extends into the medical arena, where we’re committed to helping medical device manufacturers reach more people around the world with safer, more effective treatments.

Several factors are fueling this global trend. The world’s population is growing and life expectancy is increasing. Economic prosperity in high-growth countries is providing more people with access to advanced treatments. Our goal is to meet these needs by providing innovative solutions for people who can benefit from our advanced science and technology.

Making an impact in medicine

DSM is working with major global companies on drug delivery technology based on our next-generation polymers. These customized material platforms will allow greater control over the rate and duration of drug release – across many medical specialties. The goal? To play a role in contributing to improving the health of countless numbers of patients around the world.

Leveraging our expertise in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences, we’re also delving into the exciting world of regenerative medicine – work that could pave the way for major developments in the treatment of heart disease and many other potentially fatal conditions.