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DSM in Medical

Healthcare costs

Healthcare costs are rising, especially with the increasing number of older adults. Healthcare systems worldwide are faced with finding ways to offset these spiraling costs. DSM is responding by providing innovative biomaterials that enable medical device manufacturers to make more minimally invasive devices which speed recovery, shorten hospital stays and minimize reoperation. This helps hospitals reduce their costs while improving patient care.
Smiling nurse checking vital signs of patient in hospital bed

The rapid growth in the number of older people, coupled with continued advances in medical technology and successful interventions, is creating upward pressure on healthcare systems everywhere. The healthcare community is looking to medical device manufacturers to provide better medical devices that can help clinicians develop more cost-effective procedures. In turn, many medical device customers count on us to deliver these biomaterials that can meet next-generation product needs.

Making a material difference

Wherever our biomaterials can contribute to more effective devices, we’re there. Our products help reduce costs in many medical specialties, including cardiovascular, orthopedics, ophthalmic, neurology and pain management. We’re also helping take the pain out of overall healthcare costs by providing DSM innovative biomaterials to medical device companies which allow them to create devices that can help reduce infection, speed recovery, shorten hospital stays and minimize reoperation.

Manufacturing efficiency

Customers appreciate our unique bench-to-market approach, where DSM works with medical device manufacturers to simplify production. Our materials are easy to process into devices, with little need for secondary coating processes or treatments. And our coating technologies have the potential for high-volume, high-throughput manufacturing. The result? More cost-effective devices for more clinicians.

Looking forward

As a world leader in biomaterials, DSM is always looking for ways to improve its materials. And we’re giving medical device manufacturers the flexibility to stretch their horizons too, by providing materials that allow them to create smaller, lower-profile devices without compromising performance.

For patients, these low-profile devices can reduce trauma, speed recovery time and shorten hospital stays. But the benefits don’t stop there. For hospitals, shorter recovery time and less chance of reoperation means fewer hospitalizations for more patients. It’s one of many ways DSM is helping contain the escalating costs of healthcare.