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DSM in Medical

OsseoFit™ Porous Tissue Matrix™

The OsseoFit™ Bone Void Filler Device is a unique implant manufactured from DSM’s proprietary Porous Tissue Matrix™ Technology (PTM). This technology creates foamed scaffolds suited for tissue engineering applications. The OsseoFit™ PTM Device utilizes several resorbable biomaterials including a proprietary collagen formulation, synthetic polymer and ceramic, which provides a stable platform for cellular in-growth that will ultimately be replaced by bone during the healing process.  

Clinical application

The OsseoFit™ PTM Device is intended to be gently packed into bone voids or bone defects in the pelvis and extremities. This device has a unique architecture which provides a stable platform that quickly absorbs surrounding blood and marrow. This allows cellular in-growth and leads to the repair of bone. Pre-clinical studies in a well-accepted bone void filler model have shown the OsseoFit™ PTM device to successfully promote normal gross bone repair. The device may be combined with sterile fluids such as saline or autogenous blood products such as blood or bone marrow aspirate.

Product detail

The OsseoFit™ PTM Device is available in the following sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15mm in diameter and a standard length of 15 mm. Devices are housed in an easy-to-use insertion instrument allowing the surgeon to modify the device’s length and easily dispense the implant into the bone void or defect.

This device is only available in the USA.

OsseoFit™ Porous Tissue Matrix™ products are manufactured by DSM. OsseoFit™ and Porous Tissue Matrix™ are trademarks of DSM.