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DSM in Medical

Angio-Seal™ Vascular Closure Device

Originally developed by DSM (formerly Kensey Nash) and exclusively licensed to Terumo, the Angio-Seal™ Vascular Closure Device provides a method of closing arterial punctures and minimizing the discomfort associated with cardiac catheterization procedures. In addition, Angio-Seal™ Vascular Closure Device provides for quicker ambulation and discharge.

Vascular Closure Device

The Angio-Seal™ device primarily consists of three resorbable components (polymer anchor, collagen plug and suture) working in concert to close the puncture; all introduced with a delivery system that is quick and easy to deploy. The resorbable polymer anchor and suture act within the artery as a pulley to position the collagen plug adjacent to the outside of the arterial wall. Rapid closure and sealing of the puncture site results in quick and efficient hemostasis, shortening recovery time and rapidly restoring the patient's mobility.

This device is now licensed, manufactured, marketed and distributed by Terumo Interventional Systems.