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DSM in Medical

Cell Concentration Devices

For major biotechnology and medical device companies who seek to harness a patient’s own potent resources, DSM offers a complete package of design, development, and manufacturing services to deliver cellular therapies that are clinically and commercially valuable. And in 2019, we received approval by the Japanese PMDA for the PRP device.
Cellular Therapy Development Services

Isolation and concentration of autologous cells

DSM’s specific expertise lies in the isolation and concentration of autologous cells at the point of care, along with the technologies to deliver these cells independently or in concert with a wide variety of other biomaterials to enhance therapeutic effect.

Cellular therapy product design

Our designs for cellular therapy products keep these goals in mind:

  • Protect the target cells
  • Maximize sample-to-sample consistency
  • Speed procedure times
  • Reduce processing steps
  • Consider ergonomics and attractiveness
  • Ensure portability

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) System

DSM’s first cell concentration device was launched in the hands of Depuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine, as the PEAK™ Platelet Rich Plasma System.  When platelets are concentrated from a patient’s blood, they contain a higher level of growth factors than are physiologically produced.1

The Depuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine PEAK™ Platelet Rich Plasma System was designed and developed by DSM.  It results in a higher concentration of undamaged platelets and a more consistent output than existing devices.2  It is also faster, easier to use, and easier to transport to the point of care.  These attributes can help unleash the clinical and commercial potential of PRP treatments.

Cellular Therapy Solutions Product Sheet

1 Sampson S., Gerhardt M., Mandelbaum B.  “Platelet rich plasma injection grafts for musculoskeletal injuries: a review”, Crr Rev Musculoskelet Med  1:165-174, 2008.

2 Data on file at DSM.