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DSM in Medical

Epi-Guide® Bioresorbable Barrier Matrix

The Epi-Guide® Bioresorbable Barrier Matrix is a membrane designed for use in periodontal restorative surgeries and assists in the regeneration of bone and periodontal support tissues. Using DSM’s Porous Tissue Matrix™  technology, Epi-Guide®  is a porous, three-dimensional matrix fabricated from D, D-L, L polylactic acid, a bioresorbable polymer with a long history of safe medical use. The barrier's three-layer construction attracts, traps, and retains fibroblasts and epithelial cells while maintaining space around a bony defect to develop bone and periodontal support tissues. The Epi-Guide® matrix functions as a barrier for up to 20 weeks with complete bioresorption between 6-12 months.

The Epi-Guide® Barrier is a hydrophilic PTM membrane that quickly absorbs blood fluid and supports healthy clot formation to maintain gingival flap viability and coverage. Should the barrier become exposed or if primary closure is not obtained, clotted blood within the barrier provides a natural matrix which allows tissue to quickly grow and cover most exposures. The Epi-Guide® Barrier is self-supporting and can be used in many situations without support from bone grafting materials.


Guided bone regeneration

Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) is a well-documented and successful technique used by dental surgeons to correct bone deficiencies of the mouth. GBR uses a membrane to separate a bony defect from overlying soft tissues in order to create an unrestrained space in which new bone growth can occur.

Epi-Guide® is a registered trademark of DSM. The Epi-Guide® barrier is distributed by Curasan, Inc.

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