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DSM in Medical

Emerging technologies at DSM Biomedical

From concept to commercialization, DSM creates a wide variety of standard, high-quality biomedical materials and has partnered with medical device companies, large and small, to offer innovative solutions and emerging technologies.



Adhesive Technology

DSM mimicks nature and creates adhesive biomaterial in protective coatings and adhesive films.

80-Silicone hydrogels

Silicone Hydrogels

DSM’s silicone hydrogels bring advanced comfort and utility


Customer shall, in view of its specific and relevant knowledge and experience, be solely responsible for, and shall bear full responsibility for the consequences of, (i) whether or not the product is suitable for use in the devices (or for any other (authorized) use that customer may wish to make of the product), and (ii) whether the product specifications are sufficient and sufficiently well defined in order for the product to be fit and suitable for use by customer. Customer undertakes to keep itself actively informed as to developments in the relevant fields of its applications.