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DSM in Medical

Adhesive Technology

Medical adhesive biomaterial in adhesive films and liquid sealants

DSM adhesive technology was inspired by marine mussels and the remarkable substance they secrete to bond to underwater surfaces. Our scientists create synthetic mimetics of these proteins and use them to build adhesive polymers that can be tailored to fit a broad variety of indications.

Tunable adhesive technology

The flexibility of our chemistry enables us to tailor performance characteristics of the material specifically for each application.

DSM polymers are “tuned” to meet our partners’ requirements. We can vary:

  • Set (cure) time
  • Degradation time
  • Swelling volume
  • Elasticity
  • Other characteristics

All of these can be changed without significantly impacting our superior burst, peel, and shear strength.

Delivery system for surgical adhesives

Our products are typically delivered as a hydrogel in situ or pre-coated onto an adjunctive medical device. The delivery system can also be tailored to the application for ease of surgical use and optimal distribution of the medical adhesive.

Medical indications & partnership opportunities

DSM adhesive technology may be applicable across a broad variety of medical indications; as standalone products or as adjuncts to other medical devices. We engage corporate partners to develop products that meet the medical needs of many different surgical procedures.