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DSM in Medical

Biomedical polyurethanes

There are an estimated six million people walking the earth today with implanted devices that contain key biomaterials from DSM. Our strength in biomaterials comes from a unique convergence of our expertise in strong, lightweight, flexible polymers and our knowledge of human cells and chemistry. The result is the development of biomaterials that are capable of interacting with the body safely, long term.

The overarching goal of DSM in the biomedical field is to provide materials to device manufacturers that enable their products to treat or prevent disease, save lives and preserve the quality of life for patients everywhere.

Bionate® PCU

Bionate® Thermoplastic Polycarbonate-urethane (PCU) is recognized as an industry-leading medical grade polymer for long-term use in the body and has been used in chronic implants for almost two decades.

Bionate PCU pellets, film, disk, and tubing

Bionate® II PCU uses proprietary DSM Self-Assembling Monolayer End Group (SAME®) technology, enabling customized surface characteristics to address device-specific requirements, making it well suited for chronically implanted devices. More>

BioSpan SPU film

BioSpan® SPU

BioSpan® Segmented Polyurethane (SPU) is a medical-grade polymer with superior mechanical characteristics that, among other benefits, is designed to withstand high flex fatigue. More>

CarboSil TSPCU pellets, film, disk, and tubing

CarboSil® TSPCU

CarboSil® Thermoplastic Silicone-Polycarbonate-urethane (TSPCU) is a ground-breaking copolymer that combines the benefits of silicone and polyurethane to create a material with exceptional toughness and biocompatibility that is also easy to process. More>

PurSil TSPU pellets, film, disk, and tubing

PurSil® TSPU

PurSil® Thermoplastic Silicone-Polyether-urethane (TSPU) is a novel copolymer that is strong yet flexible with proven biocompatibility and biostability. More>

DSM Biomedical materials are available only direct through DSM Biomedical.