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DSM in Medical

BioSpan® Segmented Polyurethane (SPU)

BioSpan® SPU is a medical-grade polymer with excellent flex life, enabling superior performance in many different types of medical devices. This elastomeric polymer has shown the ability to withstand millions of flex cycles in specific device designs.

BioSpan® SPU adds biological compatibility to an impressive combination of physical and mechanical properties. It’s suitable for components that require high strength, flexibility and fatigue resistance.

BioSpan SPU film


  • Excellent flex life; resistant to flex fatigue
  • Outstanding mechanical strength
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • Elasticity
  • Biocompatible
  • Customizable with SME® technology, utilizing surface modifying end groups
  • FDA Master File


  • Artificial hearts
  • Balloons
  • Drug eluting stents
  • Spinal implants
  • Ventricular assist devices


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