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DSM in Medical

Dyneema Purity® Black fiber

The first black medical-grade UHMWPE fiber specifically designed for use in the human body

Black medical-grade UHMWPE fiber

With a long and proven track record, our Dyneema Purity® white and blue fibers incorporated in a broad range of medical devices, have helped millions of patients. Our new black fiber addresses our partners’ challenge for smarter suturing contrast and enhanced design options, laying the foundation for a new generation of surgical products for the most intricate medical procedures.  

Combining contrast, high strength, small profile, abrasion resistance and flexibility

The Dyneema Purity® Black fiber builds on the advantageous characteristics Dyneema Purity® fiber is known for, including strength, being 15 times stronger than steel, small profile, high pliability and proven biocompatibility, while answering a previously unmet need for more complex sutures in procedures such as shoulder fixation, knee ligament and meniscus repair. This innovative black fiber complements the already robust Dyneema Purity® portfolio used in many different medical devices, such as surgical sutures and cables of SGX (white), VG (blue) and RP (radiopaque yellow) fibers. 

Like SGX 110 and VG 110, Dyneema Purity® Black fiber has been initially developed for use in the design of sports medicine applications, such as orthopedic sutures. The addition of the black fiber allows for the manufacturing of more complex sutures incorporating several different fiber colors. With the orthopedic soft tissue repair market continuing to grow, the Dyneema Purity® Black fiber, which strongly contrasts against surrounding tissues, provides physicians with more and better options to perform complex surgeries. 


  • Strong contrast color
  • Extreme strength and extremely high modulus
  • Soft as silk and highly compliant around bone
  • Lower creep. Designed for long term mechanical loading
  • Excellent fatigue and abrasion resistance
  • Proven biocompatibility
  • Non-hemolytic
  • Low friction coefficient

Applications & procedures

  • High strength orthopedic sutures for soft tissue repair: textile structures demanding strength yet low to help fast and reliable repair and patient comfort 
  • Contrast color in cables
  • Leads inside catheters


  • Orthopedic
  • Spine
  • Cardiovascular

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